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Below you can find the treatments currently available at The Regent Skin Spa, Pocklington.

And if you like the sound of our gorgeous treatments...why not buy Dermalogica Products Online now!?

Please note that most treatments can be adapted to suit both men and women so feel free to let us know your requirements by getting in touch!


  • The Face Spa
  • The Body Spa
  • The Strip Spa
  • The Lash & Brow Spa
  • The Nail Spa
  • The Gentlemen's Spa

The Face Spa at The Regent Skin Spa

A little info on the brand...


Dermalogica’s story begins in 1983 when Jane Wurwand, a tenured, United Kingdom-trained skin therapist new to the American "esthetician" industry, recognized that continuing skin and body therapy education was practically non-existent in the US and no product line embraced her belief of skin health as opposed to "beauty".


Dermalogica’s vision is to create a product line free of common irritants and ingredients that could cause breakouts (including lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances) that would improve skin health.


All their products are manufactured in the USA and they have never taken part in animal testing.


Dermalogica BioSurface PeelTM Treatment

BioSurface Peel is a professional chemical peel designed to resurface the skin with minimal recovery time. Our unique, multi-phase approach works with the skin's biology to safely slough away dull epidermal layers and accelerate cell renewal without inflammation and prolonged downtime typically associated with chemical peels. Your Dermalogica skin therapist can help design a series of treatments to address your specific needs, whether you're looking to address photoageing, files lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone or acne breakouts.
Course of 3 BioSurface PeelTM treatments (30 - 75 minutes)and in addition includes 1 Microzone treatment and 1 Dermalogica BioSurface PeelTM aftercare products £240.00

Dermalogica Active Resurface 35

An advanced 45 minute resurfacing treatment that utilises a cocktail of the most advanced cosmeceutical ingredients available in today's innovative skin care arena. 
The Active Resurface 35 is a professional skin treatment completely customised to the needs of you individual skin, providing intense resurfacing to stimulate cell renewal and cell turnover while helping to treat the following skin concerns - Premature ageing/sun damage/fine lines, Pigmentation/uneven skin tone, Dehydration, Congestion, Dryness/flakiness.

A course of 6 (1 per week) is strongly recommended to achieve maximum results
Course of 6 Active Resurface 35 
Includes - 2 travel size aftercare products (rrp.£23.00)
Individual treatment £49.35


Dermalogica Pro Skin 60

Includes: A 60 Minute skin treatment including Prescriptive face mapping and treating the skin as we see it on the day



Dermalogica Pro Skin 30

Includes: A 30 minute skin treatment including Prescriptive face mapping and treating the skin as we see it on the day



Dermalogica AGE Smart Treatment

Concerned about the signs of aging on your skin? Feel like your skin needs a revitalising power boost? Then this is the treatment for you! Dermalogica's specialised Contour Masque makes this the ultimate in skin therapy for prematurely-ageing, dry, devitalised skin.







Face Mapping

The latest advances in skin analysis provide you with a treatment specifically designed to address your personal skin concerns.

£10.00 - (redeemable against face treatment)


Clear Start Microzone - Teen Service

This special breakout clearing MicroSone Treatment helps to deep-cleanse the skin, extract blackheads and expedite the healing of inflamed breakouts.



Ear Piercing

Lobe or upper ear

2 ears including cleansing solution £15.00
1 ear including cleansing solution £15.00

Bio-Ultimate Age Defying Skin Treatment

An extraordinary facial which reduces the signs of ageing. A preventative treatment for younger clients and rejuvenating for mature clients, skin is re-hydrated, circulation is improved and a firmer, reviatalised appearance is achieved.

Individual Treatment £61.42
Course of 10 treatments £583.49


Microdermabrasion Pre-Treatment

This microdermabrasion treatment reveals a fresher looking, healthier new layer of skin and improves penetration of subsequent active ingredients.

£19.00 (Preparation)  



The Body Spa at The Regent Skin Spa


Self Tanning Treatment

Fake Bake tan for the perfect, streak free, safe, sunless tan.

Full body and face treatment including exfoliation using Fake Bake cream application.

Ewan Elliott

Sports and Remedial Massage by Elliott Personal Fitness

Ewan Elliott visits the Salon every two weeks and carries out sports/sport injury massage working on specific areas.  He is also a qualified personal trainer.

For more details or to book an appointment please contact Ewan directly on ‭07826 842970‬

Lisa The Foot Lady - Qualified Foot Health Practitioner

For treatment of hard skin, callouses, verrucae, in-grown toe nails and general foot health. Lisa is also a Reflexologist
To book an appointment contact Lisa directly on 07785 530541 or 01430 423140.

Permanent Make-up and Paramedical treatments

Janice Western founder of Draw The Line, fully qualifed and dedicated Nouveau Contour permanent make-up practitioner.
To book a consultation or treatment contact Janice directly on 07780 543211


The Strip Spa at The Regent Skin Spa


Hot Wax Treatments for Ladies Intimate Waxing


Jan Hodgson salon owner was trained in London by the best, Kim Lawless - The Wax Queen, using virtually pain free techniques, and no double-dipping in this Salon!
Using Perron Rigot wax from Paris the most superior wax on the market.

No holes barred, everything off front, butt and all the way round.

The ultimate waxing!


Everything off the butt and underneath,

but leaving the famous landing strip

Sheer Bikini

Everything off the butt and underneath,

but leaving a bit more modesty at the front



Strip Waxing


The following waxing treatments use the PhD Safewax system to ensure the highest standards of hygiene available.


Full Leg £25.30
Half Leg £14.30
3/4 Leg £17.32
Full Leg and Bikini £33.00
Bikini £11.55
Underarm £9.90
Lip Wax £7.70
Chin Wax £7.70
Lip and Chin £13.75
Eyebrow wax/shape/tidy £8.25
Cheeks £12.10
Lower Arm Wax - Ladies £15.95
Full Arm Wax - Ladies £25.30


Available for unwanted facial hair, including eyebrows at the same prices as for waxing.

If required, please request threading at time of booking.


The Lash & Brow Spa at The Regent Skin Spa


HD Brows

Introducing the must have celebrity brow treatment that almost anyone can have. The treatment that defines your natural beauty through a unique and revolutionary seven-step high definition process


HD Brow treatment £25.00



Eyebrow Tint  £7.87
Eyelash Tint  £12.00
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint £17.85
Eyebrow Wax/Shape/Tidy  £8.25



Lash Extensions (full set) 30-45 mins 


Lash removal 15 mins 



Nouveau Lashes - Semi Permanent Lashes

Full set of Lashes (top only) 2 hrs


Lash infills (approx. every 2 weeks) 30-45 mins





LVL Eye Lash Lifting Treatment

LVL Lashes is a ground breaking, new technique that lifts your eyelashes from the root giving the impression of length, without using extensions, to create a wide-eyed, younger look.


LVL consultation and patch test 15 mins


LVL eyelash lift 


LVL eyelash lift and tint 




Please note: All eyelash/brow and tint treatments require a patch test 24/48 hours prior to treatment


The Nail Spa at The Regent Skin Spa

Gelish Nail Treatment


The miracle nail colour that performs like a gel and applies like a polish. Your nails will grow long and strong, will not split, chip or tear, soaks off in 10 minutes leaving a healthy nail. And best of all...will look perfect for an amazing 2+ weeks!  Its fabulous on toes too, and will last even longer! Professional gentle soak off is strongly advised


Gelish Colour  £26.75
Gelish French  £30.00
Gelish colour & structure gel  £31.00
Gelish each additional colour (full set)  £1.00
Gelish each additional colour (per nail) 25p
Gelish removal (without re-application) £10.00
Gelish removal mini nail treatment £20.00
Single nail repair  £5.00
Stamped nail art (full set) £5.50
Stamped nail art (per nail) 55p
Handpainted nail art (per nail) £1.50

Gelish - VitaGel Strength or VitaGel Recovery

The 1st of its kind! a UV light cured nail treatment by Gelish. Two different treatments, VitaGel RECOVERY is the answer when brittle, dry, dull weak or damaged nails call for help! VitaGel STRENGTH is a revolutionary natural nail strengthener, enriched with vitamins, helps the natural nail grow longer and stronger and free of blemishes. Both last for an amazing 2+ weeks!! Professional gentle soak off is strongly advised
VitaGel Strength £21.75
VitaGel Recovery £21.75
VitaGel Strength & Gelish colour £29.75
VitaGel removal (without re-application) £5.00


Luxury Paraffin Treatment

Includes: Cuticle work, filing, paraffin wax with heated mitts, hand/foot massage and Gelish (1 colour of choice)



Classic Nail Treatment

Includes: Cuticle work, filing and massage.

With client's own polish  £24.67



THe Gentlemen's Spa at The Regent Skin Spa



Men's Skin Fitness microZone


Does shaving bring out the worst in your skin? This 45-minute professional treatment will help skin recover from current damage while cleansing, clearing, soothing and calming. We'll even outline a pre-shave, shave and post-shave home care regimen (including proper shaving techniques) to help you maintain the results. (Customised for all skin conditions)



Dermalogica Thermal Back Purification Therapy


De-stress muscles and cleanse skin of impurities with this relaxing treatment. A deeply cleansing scrub sloughs off dead skin cells, readying skin for the removal of toxins. Your hardest parts to reach will be cleanses, polised, hydrated and refreshed.



Waxing treatments for men


Back Wax (includes shoulders) £33.00
Chest Wax  £33.00
Lower arm Wax  £22.00
Full arm Wax £31.90
Eyebrow Wax  £9.35
HD Brow treatment for Men £25.00


Other Treatments for Men


Hand Spa Treatment

Includes: Nail and cuticle tidying, hand and arm massage, oil and buff




Foot Spa Treatment


Includes: Foot cleanse, cuticle and nail tidying, foot and leg massage, oil and buff





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